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Hypocrites that REALLY Irk me!

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Shame on Applebee’s for firing this waitress… but the BIG shame goes to the pastor who denied the waitress a tip and wrote such an obnoxious comment on the receipt. That pastor should be embarrassed!  That pastor is a hypocrite and rude.

I looked for this pastor, and found she has apologized, but alas it was not until she was shamed into apologizing… if she was not a hypocrite she would have had nothing to apologize for int he first place.

Note, when the pastor saw the receipt posted, she called Applebee’s & DEMANDED they fire this waitress. Now think about that.. her 1st action was the denial of a tip, with a snotty comment.. and then her 2nd action was to demand this waitress to be fired… it still had not occurred to this pastor that her actions were inappropriate. How sincere do you think her apology truly was?


Thought for the day: Artist

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How does an artist create? 
They shut out the world. 

This is why so many artists are liberals. 

Spotted some friends liking this idiotic facebook page: 

“To fight back against the RIght-wing Insanity” 

So many things that amuse me about that page… don’t the liberals have a ridiculous number of liberal-mass-media “news” channels. Somehow they think they need to further confirm their ignorance, and maintain their head stuck in the ground? 

Some of the post “highlights”: 

“Click “like” if you liked the way she fought back against right-wing nuttiness at this week’s Congressional hearings. Then click below, and tell her THANK YOU for her service to America.”

Again confirming liberals are morons, when they are proud of the statements Hillary made, and how she handled the Benghazi horror? 

Another “winner”: 

“urge President Obama to take BOLD action on climate change” 

Yep they believe this crap. 

Plus.. pro-abortion, anti-gun, and every other form of insanity you can imagine. So if you want to have a desire to scream & bang your head.. visit their page. 

Reading the pro-“Planned Parenthood” item, it amazes people the ignorance.. that these bobble heads really do buy the bull about abortions & rape, vs mass majority of abortions being due to behavior, irresponsibility and stupidity. 

I skimmed further down on their page, and surely because they have such limited little minds they have the same posts repeated a couple dozen times. Snicker. 

Abortion Celebration??

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A friend of mine shared with me a sickening article where the 40th anniversary of “Roe-Wade” is being celebrated. 
I read through the article, and I am stumbling over a response as I fight the urge to throw up. The entire scenario is disturbing, the ignorance is mind blowing.
I would like to highlight a few points from that article… and toss in my response: 
“she said, 60 percent of pregnancies in Delaware are unintended.”
60% unintended.. Oops, did they bump into something? This screams lack of education & a serious problem with their behavior. Not a NEED for abortions.– as the next item here they “NEED” access to abortions.. I have never “Needed” an abortion. I would never want an abortion. But again to emphasize “NEED”?? No they NEED to be responsible for their own actions (I can not say that enough, but I will repeat it over and over!) 
“Women need access to safe, healthy abortion.”
How does a pro-abortion person really justify the difference of scraping a child out of a woman.. And tossing in the trash, vs the idiot who tosses their child in the trash. How do they suddenly form some kind of empathy for that baby, is it because it is not done by ‘Planned-Abortions in the Hood’? 
For me, those girls who toss their children in the trash, the pro-abortion people miss that other glaring issue.. Ummm the parents? What happened there? that the parents were not aware of their child, what was happening to their child, and not educating their child?? If they had been involved with their child, cared about them.. The situation wouldn’t have happened or the child would have talked to the parent(s) They would not be having the child on their own, and tossing it away. 
“Do you prefer that these young girls put their babies in the trash, like they do in Philly?” she asked them. “Young girls are putting their babies in boxes, leaving them in the street – they are still killing them.”
Pro-abortion people supporting adoption.. Snort, snicker.. Yeah uh huh.. Sorry that one just had me laughing. That is just comical. What are those Planned “Parenthood” stats on their abortion vs adoption? humm Here this should shed some light on that: notice the graph, and look real hard for the bars that show adoption, and then the tiny bars that show prenatal care.. barely noticeable. 
Marchers said those babies should be offered to couples who wish to adopt them.
And we are quickly back to ignorance is bliss. As these women who bump into things and “end up” pregnant, merely by accident, of course (since surely it is not their fault, right?).. They should not be held responsible for their choices.. “that baby’s dad may not be ready” humm now there is an educational point.. How about being prepared? How about not having sex indiscriminately? How about having self respect, and taking responsibility? And how about not getting sexually involved with a criminal? So many things in this line just make me want to scream! 
“But some don’t want to carry a baby,” Mitchell said. “What do you want them to do? The baby’s dad may not be ready. That’s why 20 million moms are out there with half the dads locked up.
Ahh the double negative statement… (golly I can figure this was a black woman– yeah I know that sounds racist, ok the other situation would be a Jerry Springer guest) 
“You’re not supposed to kill no child,” she said. “I disagree with a person killing a baby. But a girl who is 10 or 12, raped by her grandfather, who puts her baby in a drawer – they don’t know.”
What again are those stats on grandfather rape? Did they also factor in the alien abduction rapes too? They are talking a freak scenario, not a common issue.. And those are due to a horrible crime, not stupidity or irresponsibility…like those 60% of “unintended”  aka “oops I did it again” situations. Those are the bigger scenario.. Or like they highlighted in another part the woman’s priorities, that a child would just ruin her life.. Or career, or partying or whatever that excuse she opts for.. That is the bigger percentage of these abortion women.. Not because of some freak incest rape, etc. 
“I saw women struggling to provide for those children,” she said. “Abortion has to be part of the consideration. … I’ve seen so many [women] whose lives are not fulfilling. It’s not life for them and their children. It’s survival at best.”
Ok this one just made me say huh.. So the woman who had too many kids, she was not ready to have, should be able to abort THOSE kids.. That sad thing is, I half way wonder if that is a direction they might be wanting to head for?
And I speak as a child who was not wanted, given the chance my parents would have done exactly that. If they had a legal method to eliminate those burdensome kids.. That just became an inconvenience.. Kinda like some people act with pets, well they aren’t cute anymore let’s get rid of them. How long before that is the mentality? Does not see far, does it? 
And add to the celebration atmosphere.. That makes me wonder more if (abortions “post-term”) could be something that could come next.. Because they have become so numb to the idea of killing a baby, it is now a “right” a “choice” that if it inconveniences the woman, she should be able to.. And they have extended it to late term.. So how far till after term? 
I know it makes me sick too even saying it.. But I really have to wonder, how unlikely, they already consider what they are doing to be normal & acceptable. 

 Read the article: 

Boycott Groupon

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I know this is not a stretch or difficult to do, since Groupon has been rather unreliable with how they run their offers… but they are playing in Obama’s court, placing a bet against any gun-related business, and stopping all offers… 

Read on.. really is sleazy: 

Need more? here is a ripoff report site (shocking ONLY 106 complaints): 

Redefined: 1tool noun \ˈtül\

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Need to offer Merriam Webster a new definition of “tool”. And that definition is brought to you by Mehcad Brooks (doesn’t that name look like it is pronounced “mickhead”, or also sounds like?) 

So this tool, of the abortion industry, brings to you this seductive public service announcement, and celebration for “Roe v Wade”. 

Yet hasn’t this tool been made aware of abortion statistics? He was born in 1980, he is black, he very well likely could have been tossed in the trash… and he celebrates this? 

Visit this link to read more & see the video.. prepare to hurl.


It’s that time of year again where the GS-org sends out their slave-scouts to peddle cookies.

There are so many things to NOT respect about the GS-org the decline started back in the 70s with the women’s lib movement. Since then they have educated girls on homosexuality, sex, abortions, and women’s lib. Add that they are so screwed up if a boy dresses up like a girl, they will allow that BOY into the GIRL scouts.

Politics aside, the money you pay for the cookies, you would think as expensive as they are, that they go to the troops.. or at least a fair amount. Sadly no, the majority of it goes to the Org. Plus a laundry list of penalties and fees to the troop for the honor of doing the work.

I do NOT support the Girl Scout Organization..

But if you LOVE the samoa cookies.. you can make them, here is the recipe:

For those who would like a better environment for their girls to be a part of, try the Frontier Girls or Heritage Scouts.

But please do not put your daughter through the liberal feminist brainwashing of the Girl Scouts. It is not the organization that was originally created by Juliette Gordon in 1912 (Girl Scouts Inc 1915). Things were changing as they became Girl Scouts of the USA in 1950, soon they started getting politically active, by the 70s they started their “Eco-Action” environmental focus. When you look at the changes in badges, you can also see the change in the organization (ie “Global Awareness”, “Environmental Health” and “Stress Less”) — see more here  there is one for having a snack, and so many more that are just sad.

I had looked on the GS website, where even their denials of Planned Parenthood & abortion connections were so incredibly weak they might as well pointed out the material they are using to indoctrinate the girls. So I kept looking for more information…

Some other highlights:

“Former Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger admitted on NBC’s The Today Show: “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with…Planned Parenthood organizations across the country.”
“, seventeen Girl Scouts councils admit to partnering with Planned Parenthood; many other councils refuse to answer the survey question. Of the 315 Girl Scout councils in the U.S., 17 councils reported having a relationship with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, and 49 reported they do not. The other 249 refused to disclose any relationship.”
very disturbing connections!

More on the changes in the GS:

Here is another interesting item, from a GS mom:
A competitive and goal oriented family, the daughter was in high gear to sell cookies and sell the most. But the GS does not want any hurt feelings of those who do nothing, by giving kudos who do all the work. They also do not let the girls have any say in what is done with the profits. Ahh the introduction to communism. Really is disturbing on many levels.

Another site that highlights the sleaze in the GS:

On the cookie money, I found a couple sites breaking it down, while they make positive statements about the GS. (Makes you wonder why the facts are so buried out there). They try to brush off the “org” getting the mass of the money… but I have known several leaders who have shown otherwise, and growing up I was a Girl Scout, and my troop never did anything except have meetings at a local church or “hang out” at the leader’s house.

Another site talks about what the GS is now and highlights the “heroes” the GS wants the girls to learn from?