Liberal Denial: Carter & Obama

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

How soon they forget. Wait that is not it, since liberals still love to bash Nixon, still dismiss Reagan, and they still blame Bush for everything, basically any one who is not a Democrat they find fault with (and find a way to “remember” or manufacture issues).

Now, in my lifetime I have not seen a president that is flawless (really do not foresee that in the future either) but the way liberals defend and worship liberal politicians is simply baffling!

I was stunned to see a friend post some positive garbage about Jimmy Carter; I asked “why?” a question I know will go unanswered (if not deleted).

My inquiring mind will not rest; I am simply fascinated by the defects of the liberal mind.

I have come up some observations about Liberals, they are emotional thinkers, which means math, logic & common sense are things they cannot comprehend. This is why every time a democrat is in office (house/senate/president) the economy takes a dive. This is why when it comes to political positions they are wrapped around the flavor of the week, the current trend (i.e. homosexuality, abortions, faux-women’s rights, etc.). Everything they do is non-productive, counterproductive or flat out destructive. This is always why they love to paint conservative politicians as lacking personality, or not friendly, so they vote for the guy they “like”, they do not think about how well that person can do the job, just if they “like” that person.

If you have trouble connecting the dots, think about

  • “Prohibition”
  •  “The New Deal”
  • Housing: the programs (by each democrat president) that have forced banks to give loans regardless of ability to pay (because of the squishy wish that everyone have a home, ignorant to the reality of what that would do to housing/the market, and to the economy as a whole… for decades).
  • Obamacare, I know that is not what they want to call it, but using “affordable” does not make sense when it will cost us all more, on many levels… in premiums, in access to care, in advancements, etc.
  • Of course Obama’s idea of “women’s rights” being about birth control & abortions, these are things that feed to ignorant & self-involved feminists, vs. logic or reality.
  • Tax-the-rich mantra, because it just sounds good (to people who have no grasp of basic economics, math, etc.).

I wanted to look for more information on Jimmy Carter (aka previous prize holder of “worst president of the US”) that was outside of my personal opinion.

I found a “gem” that spewed the liberal bull so thick it is amazing I could not smell the stench. Now like many liberals, in order to sound intelligent, and as though they have something to offer, they will fill a page with as many multi-syllable words as they can feasibly manage. Basically filling a page with out saying a word.

The writer hit all the requirements of liberal writing, bash conservatives & the Tea Party, claim they do not have anything to back their statement (while maintaining the normal liberal head-in-sand ostrich stance), offer false information & personal opinion but present it as fact, and naturally the multi-syllable word requirement.

Here is that winning piece of liberal-dribble: from June 2012:

Some of the “facts” this writer opted to back up his defense of Carter, was nothing more then regurgitating the liberal mass media babble.

When it comes to approval ratings, first thing to be aware of, the masses are morons. Just because a president had an ok or better approval rating does not change what damage they have done (or are doing) to the country. (I.e. example currently in office)

Confirming the writer was unable to verify anything he said (and I really did not need to read further (but I did anyway)… his statement that there was only ONE un-elected president of the US.

There have been five U. S. Presidents to date who were never elected President: 
  • 1.            John Tyler (1841-1845)
  • 2.            Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)
  • 3.            Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)
  • 4.            Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885)
  • 5.            Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977)

Now in the writer’s defense on researching what he posted, so much about democrats shortcoming is harder to find, it is buried information. So he would have had to work to gather facts, but working is not something liberals like to do. That is why they LOVE welfare/hand outs and criminals.

It still amazed me the attacks on Nixon. One he was a target from the get go, by the liberal media, and has remained their go to target since. Why? If they bothered to look at what they “shot” him down for, and lined that up to actions by Obama and Clinton, they might not be poking at Nixon as much. It does not make Nixon right, but how can they let the actions of all of the sleazy democrats just slide? How can they think democrats have some high-moral fiber, when they have an assortment of adulterers, tax cheats, criminals, etc? Hypocrisy at it’s finest?

The liberal media further poked at Ford, because of their vendetta against Nixon. Again it should be questioned why they had such a major issue with Nixon, that really should be examined.

Nixon was in office 1969-74. & Was the Vice President under Dwight Eisenhower 1953-1961.

Nixon’s Pro-list (and some things surely democrats would love, and then some)

  • He ended US involved in Vietnam 1973
  • 1972 Diplomatic relations with China.
  • 1972 Initiated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union.
  • Nixon advocated a “New Federalism“, which would devolve power to state and local elected officials
  • Initiatives to fight cancer & illegal drugs.
  • Enforced desegregation in schools. (But this was a pro & con)
  • Against communism.
  • ERA (& appointed more women to the administration vs. LBJ)

 Nixon’s eh not so much…

  • 1972 established the EPA
  • Arab Oil embargo—but it was Arab backlash for Nixon’s support of Israel
  • Spiro Agnew resigned.
  • 1971 Health Insurance reform, private health insurance employer mandate.
  • Desegregation & School Busing.
  • Cut funding for NASA
  • Watergate

When you look at the pros & cons, and the attacks on Nixon… one thing should be glaringly obvious, he was against communism. When you trace back to the early part of the 1900s, the socialists have been working through the Democrats to gain power and control of our country. From Nixon’s early political career he was working against communism, and the liberals no doubt were fully aware, and already drew a target on him. Again look at the way he was targeted, still targeted, how they continued to attack Ford after Nixon was out of office. And the entire Watergate event. Ever since I was a kid the entire thing screamed there was something else going on, and the facts were being bound, gagged & hidden in a closet.

Now look at the presidents the mass media worships… look at their attitudes towards socialist & communist countries. The media loves to offer a negative light to the US vs. a communist or socialist country. Again these are things that make it clear why liberals love Obama, and still love Carter. Seems they were brainwashed and oblivious that they were taken over by the socialist party and remain in denial.

Another interesting side note, Hillary Clinton was on the committee to impeach Nixon. Add even after his death, liberal mouthpieces like the “Times” were still kicking him.

During Carter’s years…

  • Inflation (Ford’s final year 5.75 vs. Carter’s final year 13.58—vs. Reagan’s final year 4.08)
  • US debt increased by nearly $300billion
  • Gas Prices more then doubled (1977 $0.62 – 1981 $1.38 vs. Reagan’s final year $1.12)
  • Iran Hostage Crisis (people still give him credit for signing in the release, but note it lasted over a year, why? plus —the Iranians celebrated annually with an American Flag Burning.)
  • Community Reinvestment Act (“encouraged” banks to lend to low-income)
  • Expansion of government
  • Pushed for nationalized health insurance/mandates.
  • Cut defense budget/reducing national security.
  • Anti-Israel
  • Love for Fidel Castro
  • Anti-American (bases the US)
  • Funneling billions of dollars or arms to Afghan mujahedeen militants. (Helped out the foundation of al-Qaida) 

Carter & Communism: (read the entire thing… but I am including a highlight) 

“The only American president to publicly support Middle Eastern terrorism has completed a schmooze fest with a communist dictator in a country that appears on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist-sponsoring nations. It marks the latest “humanitarian” mission for Jimmy Carter, who just a few years ago became the only American commander-in-chief to participate in a hug fest with the head of the world’s leading Middle Eastern terrorist group.”

So did Carter have any positives? He did not go on a wasteful spending frenzy (like Obama) and he reduced capital gains tax. 

Here is an item from 2007:

Good point about the damaging toast Carter offered to the Shah Pahlavi… The Middle East was (and always will be) an unstable area… might as well have been lighting a gas-tank (which is basically what he did). The critical part of indecision?

Facing an Islamic revolution, the Shah appealed to Carter for help. On November 4, 1978 U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski called the Shah and said the United States would “back him to the hilt.” This would never be the case. Brzezinski insisted to Carter that the U.S. must encourage the Shah to “brutally suppress the revolution”. State Department officials believed Carter should reach out to the Revolutionaries in order to smooth the transition to a new government. This was a deciding moment in world history. Carter decided not to take either recommendation and to this very day, the world is suffering the consequences of his indecisiveness.

We still suffer from Carter’s bad decisions… he was a weak man, period. It was more then a “hostage crisis” it was something that Carter caused, he meddled, he then refused to take timely action… the results are horrific.

Carter’s indecisiveness and incompetence became obvious to the rest of the World. The Soviet Union took great advantage of having Carter in the Oval Office. The Communist country invaded eastern neighbor Afghanistan, beginning an attempted power grab aimed at eventual Soviet takeovers in Iran and Pakistan. Carter’s response to the invasion of Afghanistan was the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Olympic games held in Moscow

Alas when ignorance is so rampant we are doomed to repeat the past… that is what Obama is doing. He is repeating Carter’s years, but adding a more damaging twist to it. Yet somehow, with all he has and is doing, people gave him 4 more years??

There may be those who wonder why I keep repeating the same things, the same problems from our country’s past… it is because people obviously keep forgetting them. And because they have their heads stuck in the sand, I will repeat the past, and point out the present… and I will keep doing it, even if it impacts just one person… then at least I have helped one person wake up!

Here is no doubt the short list on Obama’s failures: 

Here is a quick summary:

  • Financially:
    • Attack the rich, and deny the impact (Carter did that too)
    • Decline of US credit rating (There is a new achievement, not even the Great Depression could manage)
    • Taxing, and denying
    • Debt… he attacked Bush for the debt, yet he has increased it by $6trillion, and he is not done yet.
    • Gas prices doubled.
    • Subprime is back again—that should really do a number on the housing market. –“According to Justice Department documents, “would ordinarily not qualify for reasons including the lack of required credit quality, income or down payment.”
    • Stimulus & TARP
  • More economics:
    • Obamacare (will not call it “affordable care act”, because it is far from affordable, it is costing us all financially and will affect us all physically).
    • Jobs… you don’t create them by throwing money on bonfires (like solyndra, other failed “green” energy companies GM, GE, etc.).
    • Fake the numbers; unemployment does not go down simply by ignoring people who have been unemployed “too long”.
    • Claim to be for small business why adding more kneecapping regulations.
    • Green energy flops, OUR money lost in the BILLIONS.
    • Chevy Volt, another green flop.
    • Gas, oil, coal.
    • GM/Chrysler Bailout
  • World View/Foreign Relations:
    • Decline of US “free” status
    • He is too important to attend meetings, the result lives lost.
    • Cut defense budget & the military
    • Arab Spring (see my highlight a little further down)
    • China, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan
    • …Benghazi
    • Handed over the sea.
    • Gitmo
    • Foreign Relations/World opinion (people thought/believed Obama would improve our relationship with the world… instead Obama has dramatically decreased that opinion/respect).
    • His apology tour.
  • Inept & Lies:
    • Blame… previous president, the other party, the people, the wind, the sky & the earth…
    • Transparency no one can see through.
    • His love for the unions
    • Promised bipartisanship, but has been anything but (including attacking businesses to use them as an example).
    • Czars and more Czars, along with more staff choices that range from: inept, inexperienced, unqualified, tax-cheats, anti-American… etc.
    • Fast & Furious scandal.
    • NASA is now a “Muslim Outreach”?
    • The only business that is thriving is anything gun related, as people prepare for his destruction of our Rights.

–Definitely not a complete list, but really does there need to be more? But there surely is, and will be more…

This point is so crucial, and such a ridiculous repeat of Carter, I have to highlight what was noted… BIG flashback:

Mishandled the “Arab Spring.” Obama encouraged revolts across North Africa that have now installed the Muslim Brotherhood and related extremist Islamic groups to power in places like Libya and Egypt. Just like President Carter did 33 years ago, Obama watched as a U.S. ally — Hosni Mubarak — was deposed in Egypt and replaced by extremists. Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, likewise, was replaced by extremists.

Syria, a nation on which our secretary of state lavished praise, has murdered thousands to keep Bashar Assad, a puppet of the Russians and Iranians, in power. Strangely, in 2010, when legitimate revolts broke out in Iran against the mullahs, the U.S. went silent

It is pretty sad when even NY Daily News liberal mouthpiece, just before the 2012 election, noted that Obama needs to acknowledge his mistakes. In the article they point out how Obama’s responses confirm his denial, and his unwillingness to admit fault. Here is a highlight:

“One questioner asked what the President’s done to earn his vote again in 2012? And instead of sympathizing — and maybe even admitting he’s made some mistakes — Obama ticked off a list of unrelated accomplishments — like killing Osama bin Laden and getting tough with Wall Street”

Read more here:

Yet with such arrogance, and denial… while recklessly running our country into the ground, HOW on earth did people vote for him AGAIN, how do they support him, and WHY?

The only “logic” I can come up with (for the support of Carter, Obama and other government expanding, country destroying democrats) is the socialist infiltration into the Democratic Party… and it has been successful. People are properly brainwashed and in denial… sadly, they just don’t give a crap anymore. 

  1. gypsy says:

    Update: I checked back on that friend with the Carter-love post.. and yepper she did not respond, and deleted my question “why”.. so I asked another question & included the Communist Carter link..
    She actually responded saying she was not wanting to open dialogue.. then a lib-friend of hers said that article was not fair/awful.. I responded, “awful but true”.. he added more babble, I just responded that I will respect that friend and not continue the dialogue (trying to play somewhat nice).. though I could have discussed forever (especially vs her idiot friend, I have seen his babble before).

  2. Mark says:

    Completely AWESOME write-up. Much thought; detail and research went into this one! The blunt-honest truth and then some! BRAVO!

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