From the Ignorance is Bliss Category

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Spotted some friends liking this idiotic facebook page: 

“To fight back against the RIght-wing Insanity” 

So many things that amuse me about that page… don’t the liberals have a ridiculous number of liberal-mass-media “news” channels. Somehow they think they need to further confirm their ignorance, and maintain their head stuck in the ground? 

Some of the post “highlights”: 

“Click “like” if you liked the way she fought back against right-wing nuttiness at this week’s Congressional hearings. Then click below, and tell her THANK YOU for her service to America.”

Again confirming liberals are morons, when they are proud of the statements Hillary made, and how she handled the Benghazi horror? 

Another “winner”: 

“urge President Obama to take BOLD action on climate change” 

Yep they believe this crap. 

Plus.. pro-abortion, anti-gun, and every other form of insanity you can imagine. So if you want to have a desire to scream & bang your head.. visit their page. 

Reading the pro-“Planned Parenthood” item, it amazes people the ignorance.. that these bobble heads really do buy the bull about abortions & rape, vs mass majority of abortions being due to behavior, irresponsibility and stupidity. 

I skimmed further down on their page, and surely because they have such limited little minds they have the same posts repeated a couple dozen times. Snicker. 


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