Hypocrites that REALLY Irk me!

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Shame on Applebee’s for firing this waitress… but the BIG shame goes to the pastor who denied the waitress a tip and wrote such an obnoxious comment on the receipt. That pastor should be embarrassed!  That pastor is a hypocrite and rude.


I looked for this pastor, and found she has apologized, but alas it was not until she was shamed into apologizing… if she was not a hypocrite she would have had nothing to apologize for int he first place.

Note, when the pastor saw the receipt posted, she called Applebee’s & DEMANDED they fire this waitress. Now think about that.. her 1st action was the denial of a tip, with a snotty comment.. and then her 2nd action was to demand this waitress to be fired… it still had not occurred to this pastor that her actions were inappropriate. How sincere do you think her apology truly was?



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