Watching Insanity in Action

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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How Merriam Webster defines Insanity:

Definition of INSANITY

1: a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder (as schizophrenia)
2: such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility
3a : extreme folly or unreasonableness
b : something utterly foolish or unreasonable

Now think about that definition (specifically item #3 of the definition above), and continue to read-on…

When we see people drooling, speaking erratically, and behaving in a bizarre manner… the conclusion is they are deranged, insane or have some other mental disfunction. Yet if the liberal media behaves in this manner, it is not questioned, because sadly it is perfectly natural for them to behave in that way.

Think of Chris Matthew’s leg tingles over Obama. Think of the chills Diane Wasserman-Schultz has expressed, again over Obama. Look at every time the liberal media defends, excuses or cheers any and all actions by Obama, yet they see this as perfectly normal & acceptable, they do not see this as biased or at all inappropriate.

My theory: The concept of “news” has been replaced with “reality tv” format. It is faked/phony, scripted, or some how or another fantasy. It is not based in reality.

Another perfect example is Sally Kohn, see this article:

The title alone says so much “Republicans need to quit complaining & start cooperating with Obama” I also looked at other articles written by this woman, and they are all obedient drooling obama supporting garbage… i.e. “there is no debt crisis”, “a trillion dollar coin, let’s mint it”, “President Obama has the wind at his back”, “why I am voting for obama”.. but back to the “quit complaining” item… if you can stomach reading it in its entirety, which is very difficult (it is dripping of bull, bias, and barf).

Let me highlight some of the babbling points in what that woman slopped onto the page..

The first line was a nauseating start:

the president of the United States of America and the leader of the party that won the election in 2012 set forward a strong plan not only for the next four years but the next four decades of American prosperity and promise

She emphasized the word “won”, yes we know we are stuck with obama, likely due to voter fraud (multiple votes from same individual and missing ballots) along with the number of welfare cases that think Obama has more to steal from those who do to give to those who do not.

“Strong Plan”.. umm, yeah I agree.. in the respect he has a strong plan to further destroy our country & Constitution. And sad if that aftermath will extend for 4 decades.. I pity the future & our Country!

Then she highlights some poll numbers, apparently out of her hind end. Or her fantasy of this “great” president that she is drooling over. Or perhaps she polled a room of Obama followers?

She believes every plan Obama has will strength our economic standing, sure because the US credit rating downgrade more then once during Obama’s term surely says as much.. and because the consistently high unemployment rate shows the same, and the heavy debt and spending obama has done, with zero results again proves that point.. (in some fantasy only a liberal can comprehend?) The she slaps anyone who disagrees with…

Those trying to argue otherwise are obviously intoxicated by the recycled air of their own ideological bubble.  A bubble that, by any realistic measure of popular opinion or electoral power, is clearly shrinking.

Ok apparently Sally is being coached by a kindergarten? Nah, I bet they would have more maturity, ethics, standards, and class.

She also feels Republicans are too invested in protecting the rich, no doubt she is in denial that the majority of rich are Democrats. Sadly liberals like Sally have no common sense and zero math/economic skills.

Side note: (you can also see the richest Republicans, which do not even meet a fraction of Democrats.. ie Jane Harman $435million CA Democrat.. the richest Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger $300million)

Her next babble-piont was about Republicans standing against the Dream act (more benefits for ILLEGAL immigrants), Violence Against Women (yet Democrats have been supportive of Muslims, who commit the most horrifying violence against women), American Jobs Act (note Obama’s failed green energy projects he dumped masses of OUR money on, add Obamacare that is further killing jobs, business crippling/killing regulations, etc, etc)

Sally whines that Republicans did not applaud Obama’s pre-k plan. Why would they? Public schools are failing horribly, so Obama’s solution is to add another grade? Schools are financially strapped, so where will the money come from? More likely just an another back pat for unions, and another year to gain on the liberal indoctrination process for children.

The ending of the garbage piece, highlights again the Obama “won” and his “common sense plan”.. (wait I need to throw up). Again what planet is this woman on, or is her head stuck so far up her a-s that she can not even sense day light?

Another highlight from that drool fest:

In every sense imaginable, America is moving forward.  Our economy is recovering and changing to better compete in the world.

So Sally, we are moving forward how again? Do I need to clarify what forward means? It does not mean dropping the credit rating on our country. It can not be done with consistently high unemployment. It can not be done by creating MORE unemployment. It can not be done by increasing taxes. It can not be done by creating more debt.  It can not be done by expanding the government. And in relation to the world, our dollar is worth less, along with the opinion of our country. Obama has done NOTHING to benefit our country! Period!

And to touch on her demand for Republicans to cooperate with Obama. How many times and ways has Obama cooperated with Republicans? How many times has he slapped them in the face, stepped around them, slipped things under the door, and done everything in his power to NOT include Republicans in any decision? How often have Republicans presented a budget, and had it rejected? Remember Obama promised bipartisanship, but from day one he has done everything BUT show this. Also remember his promise of transparency? Yup clear as mud!

Note here is what happens when Republicans try to cooperate with Obama:

Other things Obama has done to prove he does not respect America or its citizens… Benghazi, Fast/Furious, Illegal Immigration… (endless list) When it comes to his lies & deception.. heck there is a website dedicated to it  (they need to update, but they probably can not keep up with the mass quantity of Obama’s lies)… Breitbart’s site highlights the 10 Worst lies by Obama (from the 2nd debate last year) — and there are more, but here is a quick way to know if Obama is lying, it is that old joke … if his lips are moving.

Read on: Obama’s failed green energy:


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