He-She.. Frog-Duck?

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Once again another ridiculous lawsuit. Parents choose to sue  the school, because the school will not allow their son to use the girls bathroom.

It does not matter if you put a boy in a dress, or pink.. he is still a boy!

If the child thinks he is a dog, will the parent allow the child to walk on all fours, and bark? Will they require the school to allow him to go outside & pee on a tree?

If the child thinks he can fly, will the parents allow him to jump out of a tree & flap his arms?

The other issue to all of this, is the parents lack of consideration for any other child at that school. They do not care about how their boy in dresses, will affect the girls who were born girls. They do not care about anyone but here & now, they do not think about what as their son gets older… what if he decides he is a boy again?

I further looked at this family, they have 5 children, the son is part of a triplet set. All the children are girls except one other boy. So in that scenario, what are the odds the boy wants attention & received it by playing dress up? The family also has two children with autism, that further stretches their time & attention. Also looking at pictures of this boy, he too looks like he might have autism, adding the behavior the parents described, as the boy demanded to wear girl clothes… the irrational behavior could also be further explained by autism, or some other disorder. Instead of looking into this, they are deciding to make everyone else adapt to their son’s behavior.

Reading responses to the long list of news reports on this family… some want the other children to just accept this boy as a girl, and the girls need to accept this? Others think there should be a 3rd bathroom.. but I have seen the argument on this one, where sexually confused supporters argue that HE is a SHE.. and it would hurt HIS feelings to be forced to not use the girls bathroom. Logical arguments are on the expense of adding a third bathroom, and how that will further bankrupt schools.

The arguments that defend the parents are simply disturbing & display the rampant ignorance of society. While those who oppose the parents, express concern for how the parents are exposing their child. Pictures of the child are plastered everywhere, along with the child’s name. I was easily able to find the address of the family, and many other details about them.. without effort.

The story has been on all the major news channels.. ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSN, etc.. the parents were on Katie Couric, add the Daily Mail (in the UK) has an article on it, plus several other sites.

Again it definitely appears the parents are just using this child.. ie exploitation


HOW can someone’s identification note they are a girl, when they have male parts???? ACK!

“These children are not intersex — they do not have a physical disorder or malformation of their sexual organs. The gender issue exists in the brain, though experts do not agree on whether it’s psychologically or physiologically based.”

So it is a mental disorder… that still does not make that child a girl.. it makes HIM a boy who has a mental disorder. People with mental disorders can be dangerous, especially if they are confused. Imagine the moment when a girl notices the boy’s “boy parts” and makes a point about it.. the boy will get confused, angry and likely violent. Instead of dealing with this boy’s mental disorder the parents are going to just force others to accept it. Sounds like mental issues run in the family.

These confused individuals also get exceptions, or let off on crimes, because the court has no idea what to do with them.. they are afraid they will be harmed or any number of other reasons.

Our society needs to stop making exceptions for people who are deranged!


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