Flashback January 2013 Ammo background check.

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Flashback January 2013 Ammo background check.

Flashback January 2013: Obama barely skips a step to start his gun & ammo ban focus. 

More of the restrictions you may see soon… 

Again they miss the point (no surprise)… they fail to realize a criminal is not going to care about these laws & restrictions, they are going to obtain what they need to commit the crime they chose.. the ONLY people they are restricting are law-abiding citizens. 

That should scare you, regardless if you are pro-gun or not.. they are stripping away freedom & rights of honest, law-abiding citizens…

  1. Obama and the left are not missing the point at all. With the criminals, you can make a deal, even an armistice, or even an alliance. The troublesome portion of the population is the middle: the law-abiding citizens who love this country and have a real investment in its well-being. They are the ones who must be either polarized or, if they insist on remaining centrist, disarmed or otherwise rendered irrelevant. Without a strong center, “transformative” work can continue.

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