Nov 2010: Flashback American Flag

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nov 2010: Flashback American Flag

Flashback: Nov 2010
Has CA officially seperated from the US? When a boy is told to remove the American flag from his bike, I have to imagine he surely can not be displaying that flag in his own country, right? 
The concern is this might cause “racial tension”??? How is the American flag a racial thing? It is the flag of our, the American people, country. If there are people who do not respect the flag, and this country, they simply should NOT be here! 
This story just makes me ill!

  1. I just got another great book by Anne Applebaum called Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956. Apart from being great history, it is a virtual textbook on the one thing that is crucial to any putsch: the dismantling or perversion of all social systems or symbols that promote social cohesion. Scouts, flags, Constitution, church socials, individual responsibility, parenthood, spontaneous charity and self-help, the 10 commandments, the idea of marriage and family, patriotism, history etc, etc. etc. – it must all go or else be subverted to serve the aims of the “transformation.” That’s what this flag thing is part of.

    I most highly recommend the book. It’s a tough read, but you can clearly see what has been happening here over the past generation.

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