About Me & Un-Politically Correct.

Hi, welcome into my head… it is a tad cluttered in here, but it can be interesting.
Inside my mind wander herds of my pet-peeves. They are not tame, and get riled up easily. So approach those with caution (grin)

Where I stand: I do not tolerate ignorance. It is very easy to find answers to questions, instead of accepting what is spoon fed.
Trust is conditional, it can be easily given, but even more easily destroyed. Having even an ounce of reservation can keep ourselves in check, and allow us to view things from the proper perspective.

What am I? I can not be easily labeled, or categorized.. I am not liberal, conservative, or any other specific labeling. I can comprehend to a certain extent both sides, and am interested in both sides. I want to know what makes them tick, why they have their views, and not just in a name-calling fuss-fight… not in just regurgitating what has been spoon-fed, but what they whole-heartedly understand to be true, as well what they sincerely believe. If I disagree or have a different point of view, explain yours.. I welcome it. If you are here just to be nasty, name call, and regurgitate mass-media, there are plenty of places for you to do that.. and I really do not need to listen to repeats.

What is my purpose? I am a research addict, I collect facts and information, I am fascinated by human thought & behavior (and am perplexed by it too). I want to know what makes people tick. I want answers… I want to ask questions. I want to know.
I thank you for visiting, please visit often, please feel free to share. Have a fantastic day, everyday.

  1. Hi gypsy:
    I’ve been reading the Pirates, Man Your women! website for a couple of years now, and I was wondering if I could become a member of the crew. You can read what I write on by Cognitive Dissonance blog.

    Since I am a retired Navy guy, this should be a cinch, right? ;-o}

    • gypsy says:

      Let me talk to my other half.. I know he is taking things in a new direction, and not sure what is ultimate idea is there. He is pretty burned out on the political issues.. so I decided to create this site.. but I have been under the weather and have not been posting, but I will once I get back in gear.
      I forwarded your request to him, to see what he wants to do.. and I thank you that is a HUGE compliment!

  2. Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and hope you feel better soon. Best regards.

  3. gypsy says:

    Thank you.. I also checked out your page.. I LIKE!!!
    I know my other 1/2 has been really occupied with creating some software.. so we might be a tad slow.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Many thanks, and wishing you the best of everything as well. (You didn’t send me your cold virus over the Internet, did you? I’ve been nursing a whopper!)

  5. Hello – wishing you all the best for the New Year. FYI, by popular demand, I have begun to serialize our family’s 1965 escape story on my blog. I’m up to chapter 7 (http://ergonom3.wordpress.com/2010/12/29/the-escape-part-7/).

  6. gypsy says:

    Thank you Mike.. I wish you the same!! have a fantastic 2011. I will check out your story.. and am looking forward to it!

  7. Hi Gypsy:

    I remember, some time back, you were hunting for the ideal handgun – a .22 revolver if I’m not mistaken. Howzit going with your shooting?

    My 13 year-old (as of yesterday) and I still shoot the Walther P22, but we’re getting ready to graduate to something bigger and “home-defensish.” Me, I’ve halfway decided on the CZ-75B, and I think “the kid” will agree with me.

    Any suggestions?


  8. Tina Amberg says:

    Amazing that you remembered that! I love my lil 22 revolver.. I am also on a hunt for a nice 38, but not in a rush for that.. ammo is $$ and the 22 is just fun to shoot.

    The Walther is definitely a nice little gun! Hum CZ-75B, I personally am not an automatic fan.. I have tried them, just do not care for them.. but my hubbie has several, and loves them.. I will pick his brain on that one.

    • Yes indeed, I have an outstanding memory for things that are interesting but of no immediate use. (In Yiddish, we call that kind of stuff “schmonzes.”)

      In this household, gun selection tends to be a matter of sentiment. My son wanted a Walther PPK because James Bond carried one; but he settled for the P22 as a first family handgun. He wants a Krag-Jorgenson rifle because the Rough Riders used them in the Spanish-American War, a Springfield M1903 because it was the doughboys’ weapon in WWI, a Garand M-1 and a Lee-Enfield because of WWII…well, you get the picture. (Once he’s had a chance to see Enemy at the Gates, I’m sure he’ll start salivating over the Mosin-Nagant…)

      As for me, the CZ brand is Czech, so I’m interested in it partly for sentimental reasons. The 75B or possibly the SP01 seems a perfect fit for what I want (AND NO, IT AIN’T FOR ASSASSINATIN’ NOBODY, IN CASE SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE INTENDED RECIPIENT’S READING THIS!). I like the 16- and 18-round mags! It helps that CZ’s one of the world’s best – helps me claim that I know about guns without actually knowing much.

      Any firm ideas yet on a .38 revolver? If sentiment is involved, the Colt Detective Special, the S&W Special or the legendary Brit Webley seems a good choice.

      Curious to hear what you will finally go for.

      • gypsy says:

        I think your recall is awesome!

        Neat about you and your son’s reasons for various guns.

        For me.. it really has to be a matter of feeling right. I can see guns that I like, when I look at them.. but how they feel just is not quite right. I would prefer to have something I can use, vs only visually admire.

        I am not in a hurry for any gun.. Right now I like my 22 because the ammo is so much cheaper… So that works great. Then add having the extra money to buy a gun, especially one I like (I have expensive taste).

        I still really love that one S&W that sadly they don’t carry anymore, and finding it is nearly impossible. (when I can find it, they have the price hiked up).

        My recall is not as incredible as yours.. so I will try to remember to keep ya posted.. smiles. thank you again!

  9. Chad says:

    Hi Mike- Gypsy asked me to hop in here and take a look at your choice of pistol.
    The CZ-75B is very very nice, I shot one probably 6 months ago. Very fine Czech weapon!
    So you do have a choice still though. I look at three basic classes of handgun purposes. Target, home defense, and concealed carry. The CZ-75B admirably fills the first two. It’s very accurate, and great for home defense. For CC it’s pretty darn heavy, so unless you wear suspenders that’s not the best option. Your choice is to get a manual safety or a decocker version, the CZ-75BD.
    I prefer a decocker pistol personally. When you really need the gun to just work in a damn hurry, it’s ready and you don’t squeeze the trigger 3-4 times before you remember the safety is on. You just get a long trigger pull on the first shot.
    Other folks train a bit so that turning off the safety is trained into them automatically and prefer safeties.
    Of course, that all depends on being comfortable enough with it so you keep a round in the chamber. If not, you’ve just got an expensive club in your hand in an emergency.
    So backing off a bit from my little class right there… the CZ is a great choice! I believe there is even a .22 conversion kit so you’d be able to do basic plinking with it too. There’s lots of CZ-75 models to choose from too. I like the SP-01s also.
    Hope this helps!

  10. Chad – many thanks. Excellent guidance.

    Best regards,

  11. gypsy says:

    Mike glad that was helpful.. when it comes to pistols it ends up being a foriegn language for me.. so i defer to those who know.. and he definitely knows!

    and Thank you!

  12. Back from a few weeks in “internal exile…”

    In any case: NEW ACQUISITION – the CZ75 SP01 PHANTOM! Test-drove it yesterday for the first time. It’s dead-on accurate (uh, I mean VERY accurate), kicks a little but not much and as for CC, I think Chad’s suggestion a few weeks back of a pair of suspenders is a good one. The thing does have a certain amount of mass which, when combined with Earth’s gravity, translates into a fair weight. Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about transitioning to suspenders anyway, since I suspect a belt aggravates lower back and leg pain by pressing on my spine just where the docs have recently found a halacious case of lumbar stenosis.

    To mangle an old boot camp jody call:
    good for me,
    good for you,
    good for grandma too!

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