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The problem is growing, gradually, oozing into every facet of our lives.. it is the Thought Police Blob.

Paula Deen punished for being honest & apologizing, for a comment made in private, decades ago.

Thought police are  in Universities – here is one story

Students Required to Undergo Ideological Reeducation

– this plan was dropped, but other universities are slipping through variations of this thought control.

Here is another one..

“A Tennessee community college professor ordered her students to wear ribbons in support of gay rights and said those who supported the traditional definition of marriage are just “uneducated bigots” who “attack homosexuals with hate,””
Then think about oozing gov’t control forbids children to bring lunches from home, they must eat gov’t approved lunches. Then think about the push for mandated preschool. The gov’t continues to push a wedge between children & their parents. How far will it go? Where does it end?
The parents sued the school to require them to allow their son to use the girl’s bathroom, but they moved to another town anyway. While this story reeks of politics there are enough brainwashed sheep out there who praise & admire this family for their “courage”.  At the same time those individuals attack anyone who does not support this cross-dressing boy, calling them hateful, bigots, etc.
If you do not buy the political correct crap, if you don’t swallow every drop of the thought control, if you do not follow the herd of sheep, you are a bigot and hateful, according to current standards.
There were comments of people who feel that it is just best to go with things, a reminder to that individual, that was the belief of people in Nazi Germany, sure worked out there right? Just be obedient, where the labels, become a target, get shipped off to a concentration camp, yup just go with it all.
The parents have dragged their entire family through the media, exposing them all. Is that an action of caring parents? Do they not realize how that affects all of their children? Do they care? Again they moved to another town, they are no where near the same school district, but  they are still  front page news, and suing the school about the bathroom for their boy dressed as a girl.
The back story on this.. the child from 5 months of age, was favoring pink things, girly toys, and dresses.. by age 1 1/2 he would have a fit if he could not dress as a girl. He feared becoming a man with a beard, what child has those fears, if they are not fed to him by an adult? From the time they decided their boy was a girl, they insisted everyone call him a girl and treat him like a girl. Yet those things do not make him a girl, he will still be a boy, and as he gets older that reality will slap him like a brick wall. If it were not for people being brainwashed to “accept” things, they would recognize brainwashing/conditioning likely are involved in this case.
The locker room reality will hit, when he changes with girls.. the reality will hit if a boy asks him out on a date, or if he becomes interested in girls himself. The reality will hit when he further changes and grows into a teen-boy, and then into a man.
More scenarios down the line.. what if this was nothing more then an attention grab that worked, what will happen when he wants to be a boy again? The transition he will have to go through, and the damage of growing up as a girl, he will be screwed up! What if this was a political stunt by the parents, using their child, what happens when the child realizes that? The result could be extremely dangerous.
No one has concern about all those around this boy who will be impacted by his perpetual dress up. It is all about the politics of this, that HE alone has rights, but anyone else’s rights are dismissed and irrelevant.
Another comment mentioned, what parent would put their child through this if the child was not a girl? That person is apparently not aware there are parents who do bad things to their children, physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Some put their child in harms way do to their life style or habits/addictions. So yes the parent very well could be doing this for the publicity, for the attention, for the politics.
Some people truly believe that a boy preferring girl things makes him a girl, and he should be allowed to do that, because that is what he wants to do. If we consider that form of logic, then he should be able to eat what he wants (ice-cream & candy), he should be allowed to play in traffic if he wants, and she should be allowed to hop in a strangers car if he feels like it.
What if this child felt he was a dog, would the school be required to accommodate him accordingly? Would he be allowed to go out to the play ground to go potty? Would he be allowed to walk around on all fours & bark. What if the mother brought him into school in a fish bowl, saying her child thinks he is a Koi because his name is Coy. Would the school have to accommodate that as well? Sounds ridiculous right? Yet somehow a boy thinking he is a girl is perfectly ok, and we all should accept & embrace that? (Why is the one Twilight Zone episode popping into my head now.. “Think Happy Thoughts.. or he will wish you into the cornfield”. )
Note — that the father has a career path focused on working in media. That is another portion that should be looked into further.
Was this child tested for a genetic defect? They took him to see a psychologist, but he never saw a medical doctor, or have any medical tests to confirm he has a genetic defect. The psychologist just advised them to let the child be want he wants to be.  Has the mother been evaluated for a mental defect? Have the parents been examined for what their intentions are in all of this, has CPS perhaps evaluated this family, considering the exposure & risk their are putting their children in?
There is so much disturbing about this story, and society as a whole, the gov’t blob taking over our lives and our thoughts.. because they know what is “best”. That we must all have one unified thought, and do not think outside of the approved parameters.. does that not alarm and scare the crap out of people? It should.