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Think about this article:

Think about how this man, who fought for our rights and freedom, how his rights are being taken from him.

So much that has happened in this country has sickened me, this no doubt is one of the worst I have seen yet.

Think about the decay in this country, between loss of rights & freedom, indoctrination of children, decline in our country’s credit rating and freedom status. Think about how our country treats those who risk their lives for our rights? Think about how the politicians alone treat them.

What is left in this country? Does not seem much. I long held out hope, that we had seen the bottom and our country would rebound, but apparently we have not truly scraped bottom yet. We have to decline further??

I am looking outside of our shores, in the meanwhile, I will also remove items from my social media page, and post them here flashing back on years of disturbing political filth in this country.

Thank you and enjoy the flashbacks.