Flashback January 2013 Ammo background check.

Flashback January 2013: Obama barely skips a step to start his gun & ammo ban focus. 

More of the restrictions you may see soon… 

Again they miss the point (no surprise)… they fail to realize a criminal is not going to care about these laws & restrictions, they are going to obtain what they need to commit the crime they chose.. the ONLY people they are restricting are law-abiding citizens. 

That should scare you, regardless if you are pro-gun or not.. they are stripping away freedom & rights of honest, law-abiding citizens…


Flashback: Oct 2012

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Flashback: Oct 2012

As we rolled closer to the 2012 election… commentary

Shirley Davis.. excellent, and agree. Obama has not shown any form of leadership, and has only proven to be destructive. He and his clan need to be removed from the White House.

Flash back: November 2012 Election Day

Election day flash back… this covers the overall feeling
As we further say good bye to our nation.. a tribute. 

“Bye, bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in Rye
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die”

Nov 2010: Flashback American Flag

Flashback: Nov 2010
Has CA officially seperated from the US? When a boy is told to remove the American flag from his bike, I have to imagine he surely can not be displaying that flag in his own country, right? 
The concern is this might cause “racial tension”??? How is the American flag a racial thing? It is the flag of our, the American people, country. If there are people who do not respect the flag, and this country, they simply should NOT be here! 
This story just makes me ill!

So what are they called?

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So what are they called?

(Katie Pavlich) So, how exactly does the new AP Stylebook tell writers to describe, undocumented, er, illegal aliens, er,illegal immigrants, er…?

Flash back to how to refer to black people, and the inaccurate decision of calling them “African American”, when not all people from Africa are black, and not all people who are black are from Africa.

Not to mention the hyphenated “American” is ridiculous, if you are in America legally, if you pay taxes, if you support American.. then you are an American. Color or any other hyphenation diminishes that fact. 

I could then see a point of referring to people who sponge off our country as “Welfare-Americans” though I don’t think most should even have the hyphenated “American” with their label. 

So if we are not to call people who are in this county illegally, as “illegal immigrants” what are they calling them? Does not seem they made that decision, so perhaps they will just use a question-mark, or maybe an asterisk? 

Perhaps labels for other criminals will also have a sensitivity requirement as well?